Highlights: Pacific Chorale's 2023 European Tour

Highlights: Pacific Chorale's 2023 European Tour

September 14, 2023

  • September 14, 2023

Highlights: Pacific Chorale's 2023 European Tour

Pacific Chorale's much-anticipated European tour, spanning from July 12 to July 24, 2023, was a remarkable journey filled with musical magic and cultural exploration. Embarking with a vibrant entourage 80 singers and 40 cherished guests, including devoted fans, "roadies," and family members, the tour wove through breathtaking destinations.

Commencing in Salzburg, Austria, our voices resonated within the historic walls of the 17th-century Salzburg Cathedral, the very place where Mozart's journey began. The group also had the opportunity to see if the hills are truly "alive with the sound of music."

Munich, Germany welcomed us with open arms, providing the backdrop for an unforgettable performance in the heart of the Old City Center in St. Joseph Kirche with the Freies Landesorchester Bayern.

As we crossed the Channel to England, London's iconic landmarks charmed us, and the journey continued with awe-inspiring performances alongside the Bath Philharmonia in Oxford's historic Sheldonian Theatre and the ethereal Bath Abbey. Amidst centuries-old treasures, Bath's allure captivated our spirits.

The grand finale unfolded within the majestic confines of Salisbury Cathedral, where the harmonious collaboration with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra left an indelible mark.

Big shoutout to the amazing ACFEA tour staff: Marianne, Ina, and Nigel! Your hard work and friendly guidance made these two weeks on the road an incredible adventure we'll always remember.

And finally, a heartfelt gratitude to our generous donors whose support paved the way for this unforgettable odyssey. Your unwavering belief in our artistry and commitment to cultural enrichment are the keystones that made this tour possible. With voices uplifted by the echoes of history, we return home, forever touched by the shared moments of music and camaraderie that will resonate in our hearts. We thank you for making this extraordinary journey a reality and look forward to singing for you again soon.

Highlights: 2023 European Tour