Our Supporters

Endowment Fund​​​​​​​

Contributions to Pacific Chorale’s Endowment Fund are invested in perpetuity; the interest generated from the Endowment helps to provide the Chorale with long-term financial stability. The Chorale is delighted to acknowledge its generous Endowment Fund donors. We are deeply grateful to them for their belief and investment in the organization’s future.

Commitments of $1,000,000 and Above
William J. Gillespie*
Phillip N. and Mary A. Lyons, Artistic Director Chair

Commitments of $100,000 and Above
Ron Gray
James and Karen McBride

Commitments of $50,000 and Above
Mike Andrews
Janice Johnson, in Memory of Roger W. Johnson
​​​​​​​John* and Jan Landstrom
John and Elizabeth Stahr

Commitments of $25,000 and Above
Marilyn and Tom Nielsen
George H. I. Reiss

Commitments of $10,000 and Above
Wells Fargo Bank
Greg and MarJane Christofferson
Dr. Edward and Mrs. Helen Shanbrom, in Memory of David Lee Shanbrom
Vina and Barry Williams
Commitments of $5,000 and Above
Anne B. Nutt

Commitments of $1,000 and Above
Michael and Karen Carroll
Dr. James* and Yuko Kawai Dunning
Margaret Gates
Michael and Eleanor Gordon
Lori Loftus
Dennis V. Menke
Richard Messenger
Richard and Michele McNeil
Jeanette Moon
Donna Morse
Carl and Susan St.Clair, in memory of Cole Carsan St. Clair

Encore Society Members

The Encore Society recognizes and honors those who have included Pacific Chorale as part of their estate planning. By remembering Pacific Chorale in a will, an insurance policy or retirement plan, by establishing a charitable remainder trust, or through any other planned-giving vehicle, you have the opportunity to leave a definite legacy and ensure the preservation of quality choral music and education. Have you ever considered extending your generosity beyond your lifetime?

Mark E. Aldrich
John Alexander
Percy Brotherton*
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Campbell
Phyllis and Terry Clark
Warren Coy
Jacline R. Evered
Roger and Gerri Gibb*
Ron Gray*
George W. Haas*
George Hatchard*
Tom and Anne Henley

Mark and Donna Hoover
Dennis L. Houser
Michael and Susan Jacobs
Janice Johnson
Barbara Kingsbury
John* and Jan Landstrom
Randi W. Larsen
Phillip N. and Mary A. Lyons
Karen M. and James S. McBride Endowment Fund
Richard Messenger
Jeanette Moon

Thomas C. Moore Trust*
Ann and Steve Morris
Betsy* and Jerry Moulton
Patricia Newton
Elizabeth Pearson
Sandy and Val Policky
Thomas A. and Bonnie J. Pridonoff
Dr. Loraine Reed
Ron Rudderow
Jane Shepherd
Susan Van Wig
Martha and Peter Wetzel
Vina Williams*

Named Chairs

Pacific Chorale’s Artistic Director Chair, currently held by Robert Istad, has been endowed by Phillip N. and Mary A. Lyons.

We are deeply humbled and grateful to announce that Ron Gray, a former Pacific Chorale singer, left a bequest to our Endowment Fund of $300,000, establishing the Ron Gray Legacy Fund in 2021, which will annually underwrite two staff singer positions in our bass and tenor sections.

Long-time Board member Janice Johnson made a gift in 2007 to endow a chair for our Tenor Section Leader in memory of her husband Roger. Our Roger W. Johnson Memorial Chair is Nicholas Preston.

A coalition of Pacific Chorale singers and supporters pooled their resources to endow a chair for a second soprano in memory of Rita Major, a former administrative leader of the Chorale, a longtime employee of the Philharmonic Society of Orange County, and our last surviving founding member still active as a singer at the time of her passing in 2017. Our Rita Major Memorial Chair is Barbara Kingsbury.

In 2007, after the passing of tenor section leader Joseph Mathieu and longtime volunteer bass Robert (Bob) Morse within a short period, a group of donors jointly endowed two memorial chairs for members of the tenor and bass sections. Our Singers Memorial Chairs are Carl Porter and Karl Forsstrom.

Annual Fund Donors

  • Karen and Christopher Ahola
  • Andrea Alexander
  • John Alexander
  • Chris and Susan Anderson
  • Mike Andrews
  • Joyce Ann and Thomas Antal
  • Ryan and Adrianna Antal
  • Deborah and Jim Babcock
  • Mary Ellen Baker
  • Steve and Jennifer Baker
  • Marleena Barber
  • Viki Barie
  • Cynthia Barnett
  • Brian D. Bates, CPA
  • David L. Bates
  • Raymond and Lois Helm Beeman
  • Wanlyn Bejach
  • Dennis Aigner and Camille Bertolet
  • Richard H. Bigelow
  • Kenneth Blair
  • Mary Ester Blakley
  • Dennis and Stephanie Blanchard
  • Carl and Regina Blankenorn
  • Brien Amspoker and Ellen Breitman
  • Patrick Brien
  • Andrew and Michelle Brouwer
  • Andrew Brown and Karen Hogle Brown
  • Jeff Brown
  • John and Kay Brown
  • Alice Browne
  • Christine Browne
  • Leonard and Susie Buchan
  • Marshall Bull
  • Cheryl Carlson
  • Margie Carrigan
  • John and Marcia Cashion
  • Charles and Susan Champion
  • Joseph and Julie Chien
  • Denise B. Chilcote
  • Mikki Cichocki
  • Terry and Phyllis Clark
  • David Clemensen
  • Gregory Woll and Kathryn Cobb-Woll
  • Irene Cohn
  • Mark and Sharon Cole
  • John and Denise Corcoran
  • Warren Coy
  • Oliver Crary
  • Logan Crow
  • Craig Davis
  • Marjorie Davis
  • Stan Dendinger
  • Charles and Darlette Dexter
  • Susan Loonan Doan and Heidi Dill
  • Jerry and Kathy Dunlap
  • Lucy Dunn
  • Denean R. Dyson
  • Harriet C. Edwards
  • Robert and Elaine Elliott
  • Judi Elterman
  • Howard and Janet Emery
  • Phil and Jan Enns
  • Norm Evangelista 
  • David and Jacline Evered
  • Richard H. and Sharon Fair
  • David Falconer
  • Kelleher Family
  • Dr. Betty Ferrell
  • Brooks Firestone
  • DeAnn Forbes
  • Karl and Marilyn Forsstrom
  • John Forsyte and Michele Moe-Forsyte
  • George and Deborah Foster
  • Philip Friedel
  • Christopher and Mary Galloway
  • Larry Gates
  • Margaret Gates
  • Nancy Gerhard
  • Yitzhak and Rhona Gewelber
  • David and Rebecca Gibbons
  • Kathryn Gibson
  • James and Sharon Givens
  • Keith Goode
  • Joseph Gregorio
  • Randall and Kathleen Gremillion
  • Faulkner White and Sandy Grim
  • Jane Groover
  • Edward Gutierrez
  • William D. and Bonnie Brittain Hall
  • Vincent Hans
  • Michael and Janet Hards
  • Richard Hart
  • Bill Helm
  • Tom and Anne Henley
  • Diana Hensley
  • Mark and Donna Hoover
  • Joshua Wentlandt and Eleen Hsu-Wentlandt
  • Hans and Valerie Imhof
  • Wendy Isbell
  • Lynne and Mike Istad
  • Dr. Robert Istad and Mr. David Navarro
  • Mike and Susan Jacobs
  • Donna Janes
  • Dr. Andrei Novac and Dr. Bonita Jaros
  • Eileen Jeanette
  • Shipine Jiang
  • Barbara Johnson
  • Janice Johnson
  • Norm and Sandy Johnson
  • Barbara Kingsbury
  • Daniel R. Tremblay and Linda L. Kirchner
  • Craig and Deborah Kistler
  • James and Lidia Klingler
  • Nels and Andrea Klyver
  • Curtis and Varla Knauss
  • Tommie Kozlov
  • Jonathan Krauss
  • Peter and Bonnie Kremer
  • Lawrence and Dulcie Kugelman
  • Dr. John and Patricia Lamb
  • Jan Landstrom
  • Wayne Langford
  • Mary and Bill Langsdorf
  • Randi W. Larsen
  • Michael D. Lawler
  • Kim Le
  • Joann Leatherby
  • Chris and Susan Lindley
  • Patricia Liu
  • Lenora Lockwood
  • John and Lori Loftus
  • Laura A. Long
  • Tiffany Ana Lopez
  • Robert and Nancy Loughrey
  • Nancy Lyons
  • Phillip N. and Mary A. Lyons
  • Suzi Lyons
  • Barbara Macurda
  • Amira Mansour
  • Goran Matijasevic
  • Deb Matsumoto
  • James and Karen McBride
  • John and Elaine McClintic
  • Terry and Toni McDonald
  • James and Becky McGaugh
  • Dianne and John McGinnis
  • Dr. William C. and Lynn McMaster
  • Ryan McSweeney
  • Joyce Medford
  • Lenora Meister
  • Shelley Meister
  • Welcome and Addie Meister
  • David and Darrellyn Melilli
  • Richard Montgomery
  • Jeanette Moon
  • Ann and Steve Morris
  • Jerry and Betsy* Moulton
  • Jim Murphy
  • Harish Murthy
  • Robert and Christie Narver
  • Kimberly Nason
  • Kenneth and Carla Neeld
  • Tom Neeld
  • Alexander Nelson
  • Pat and Craig Newton
  • Tricia Nichols
  • Mark J. Nielsen
  • Trish O’Donnell
  • Dennis and Marcia O’Hern
  • Kris Oca
  • Jean Oelrich
  • Wendy Okeil
  • James Owens
  • Deborah Pasarow
  • Dorothy A. Peralta
  • Christina Peterson
  • Christopher and Tina Peterson
  • Joan S. Petty
  • Sandy Possehl
  • Dorcas Preston
  • Kathleen and Nicholas Preston
  • Thomas and Bonnie Pridonoff
  • Coy E. Purkey
  • Donald Rabe
  • Karyn Rashoff
  • Ryan Ratcliff
  • Chikayo Rattee
  • Loraine Reed
  • George H. I. Reiss
  • Casey and Naomi Reitz
  • Thomas Ringland
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Jim Rogers
  • Robert E. Romney
  • David Ross
  • Ron Rudderow
  • Kathryn Ryan
  • John Schlegel
  • P. A. Sefton
  • Elizabeth Segerstrom
  • Nicole Shirilla
  • Stan Sholik and Linda Wells Sholik
  • Vina Williams and Tom Slattery
  • Carol Smith
  • Wendy Sobeski
  • Kirsten and Craig Springer
  • Carl and Susan St.Clair
  • Rick Stamps
  • Richard Stein
  • Diana Stonecipher
  • Diane Stovall
  • Dr. Robert M. Stroup
  • Forrest Suchey
  • Michael Sumuel
  • Guoxian Sun
  • Mary Sylvester
  • Dr. Deborah Then
  • Joseph and Kathryn Tillotson
  • Gary and Marjie Toops
  • Tom Unvert
  • Thelma Valenzuela
  • Michael Vantrease
  • Beth Varney
  • Steve Vegh
  • Ernest and Diane Velarde
  • Edmund Velasco
  • Fram and Julie Virjee
  • Ruthanne Walker
  • C. Arthur Wardner
  • Briana and Tom Watson
  • Terri Wedell
  • Peter and Martha Wetzel
  • Clark and Kim Whitaker
  • Dr. Stanley White
  • Susan H. White
  • Dorothy Whitham
  • Amanda and Andrew Whiting
  • Linda Widdowson
  • Kent and Carol Wilken
  • Debora Wondercheck
  • Janice V. Workman
  • Susie Xie
  • Jane Fujishige Yada
  • Jun Yao
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zevnik
  • Karen Zfaty
  • Charles and Ling Zhang
  • Charles Zhao
  • Li Hong Wang and Christopher Zhao

Government, Corporate & Foundation Support​​​​​​​

$25,000 AND ABOVE

California Nonprofits Performing Arts Relief Fund
The Capital Group
Salt-Away Products, Inc
The Segerstrom Foundation

$10,000 To $24,999:

Colburn Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
California Arts Council 

$5,000 TO $9,999:

Lon V. Smith Foundation
Newport Beach Cultural Arts Commission

$1,000 TO $4,999:

American Feel Young Chorus
City of Costa Mesa
Quinn & Dworakowski LLP
Technology Innovation & Civilization Foundation
​​​​​​​Robert & Doreen Marshall Fund of the Orange County Community Foundation

$100 TO $999:

AmazonSmile Foundation
Farmers & Merchants Bank
The Kroger Co.