Critical Praise

All Things Common has been garnering strong reviews since its release, culminating in the announcement that the prestigious audiophile outlet Native DSD Music has named it one of their Top 10 Albums of the Year for 2020!


“What’s unexpected from these contemporary choral works is composer Tarik O’Regan’s music, which is modern, but accessible and beautiful. The Pacific Chorale and musicians from the Salastina Music Society. This is amazing music, beautifully recorded.”

– Bill Dodd



“Any new release from Yarlung Records is noteworthy, more so when the release is a complete program of music by one of the world’s most highly regarded choral composers. Tarik O’Regan relocated from Great Britain to the San Francisco area where he’s now composer-in-residence for Pacific Chorale. O’Regan’s style is immediately engaging, largely tonal with minimalistic elements and occasional aleatoric techniques. All Things Common programs seven works written between 2001 and 2019, the most recent, Facing West, a Pacific Chorale commission.”

– Andrew Quint, The Absolute Sound


“A consistently interesting program and beautiful singing make this one of the strongest American choral releases of 2020.”

– James Manheim, AllMusic (Full Review)



“The Pacific Chorale […] offers the latest works by Tarik O’Regan on CD. The fluent and sumptuous recording is worth a listen.”

– Timothy Mangan, contributing writer for Arts & Culture at Voice of OC (Full Review)



“Transparent, crystal and pure piece of work. The choir’s mastery is unsurpassed in its clarity and vocal technique. Beautiful music.”

–Dimitar Kovachev


“The sum total of this inclusive O’Regan program is a significant mix of choral gems spanning the millennium to now. Each work stands out on its own and ultimately Istad and the Pacific Chorale paint a beautifully full picture of the composer and his lucid beauty of idea and form. I’ve listened countless times and each hearing opens out new vistas, so I have no doubt on this one. Enthusiastically recommended.”

– Grego Applegate Edwards (Full Review)


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All Things Common Collage

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