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Updated on March 30, 2023

Auditions for Pacific Chorale’s 23-24 season are closed. Check back here in Fall 2023 for information about our next audition cycle or submit your interest below.



About Pacific Chorale

Pacific Chorale is a diverse, dedicated, and enthusiastic group of singers, who create an acclaimed ensemble that performs on world-class stages with some of the nation’s leading orchestras. Our repertoire is extensive and ranges from choral/orchestral masterworks to a cappella treasures and world-premiere compositions. We invite you to consider joining the GRAMMY Award-Winning Pacific Chorale!

Why Sing with Pacific Chorale? Hear directly from our singers in this quick video:

Audition FAQS

  • What kind of singers do you look for?
    • Although it is important for Pacific Chorale members to possess a high level of musical and vocal ability, a conscientious, diligent, and punctual work ethic is also valued. Experience in ensemble singing is essential.
  • How long will my audition last?
    • Auditions are approximately 10 minutes in length.
  • Where do audition sessions take place?
    • Sessions will take place in Orange County’s Fullerton-Brea area and/or Newport Beach.
  • Will you schedule virtual auditions?
    • At this time, we will not accept virtual auditions in lieu of live auditions.

Pacific Chorale Singer FAQs

  • How can I learn more about Pacific Chorale?
    • Please review our website, including our YouTube page, for information and videos of Pacific Chorale performances. We also invite applicants to attend our upcoming performances.
  • When are rehearsals?
    • Rehearsals are regularly held on most Mondays between September and May every season. Depending on the program, additional rehearsals may be added during the week/weekend as schedules permit. Weeknight rehearsals are generally held from 7:15 to 10:00pm. Performance weeks see additional nightly rehearsals from Tuesday through Friday (with a performance on Saturday).
  • Where are rehearsals?
    • Rehearsals are held in several Orange County locations, regularly in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, CA.
  • How many performances does the Chorale present each year?
    • Pacific Chorale’s annual concert schedule typically includes 6-7 self-produced season performances and numerous guest appearances with ensembles such as Pacific Symphony and the LA Phil.
  • Scheduling & Roster Assignments
    • Several months before an upcoming season, singers submit schedule availability based on the Chorale’s season calendar of rehearsals and concerts. Submitting full availability for a program does not guarantee assignment to that program. Performance opportunities for singers are determined on a per-program basis, where individual singer availability is weighed against artistic need and singer performance.
  • Do I have to sing every concert?
    • Chorale members are typically required to sing at least one program each season to maintain active membership.
  • Absence policy
    • Once assigned to roster programs, our absence policy is flexible, depending more on the concert program, number of rehearsals, and musical difficulty. For instance, planned absences would not be allowed for a program that only has two or three rehearsals. On the other hand if a large program has eight or more rehearsals, one to two planned absences are allowed depending on the circumstances. Any absences from dress rehearsals and performances, barring family emergencies or illness, are not permitted.
  • Do Pacific Chorale members pay dues?
    • Pacific Chorale singers pay no dues as members of the ensemble. There is also no music deposit fee, however singers may be asked to recover the costs of lost or damaged music that is loaned by the Chorale.



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