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Audition form

To begin the audition process for Pacific Chorale, please share your interest and any previous experience by filling out the Audition Registration form below. Once you complete this form, you will be contacted by our Personnel Manager. Completion of the form is required to begin the audition scheduling process.

Attention Soprano Applicants: for the current audition cycle, Pacific Chorale will not be auditioning Sopranos. We encourage all Alto, Tenor and Bass Applicants to submit their interest form by Thursday, January 30, 2020.


Although it is important for members of Pacific Chorale to possess a high level of musical and vocal ability, a conscientious, diligent, and punctual work ethic is also valued. Experience in ensemble singing is essential.

The Audition Process

Auditions for Pacific Chorale’s 2020-2021 Season will take place on Tuesday, February 4, 2020 and Saturday, February 22, 2020. Your audition is an opportunity for our artistic team to hear your voice, to explore your skill with sight-reading, and to get to know a little bit about you. The process takes about 10 minutes.


1. Singing
You will perform one piece of your choice, not longer than three minutes in length. We suggest you choose a classical art song or aria. Memorization of your selection is not required. An accompanist will be provided (please bring a second copy of your music for the accompanist).

2. Sight-reading
You will be asked to read musical passages at sight. Our audition team will evaluate your ability to read musical intervals and rhythmic patterns.

3. Vocal Flexibility
You will be asked to perform a short selection from the standard choral repertoire to evaluate your vocal flexibility.

4. Pronunciation
You will be asked to recite passages encompassing a variety of foreign languages at sight, including English, German, French, Latin and Italian.

Audition Results
We will contact you approximately in mid-March to notify you of the audition results.

Paid Staff Positions

Pacific Chorale employs staff singers to perform as the core of the Pacific Chorale ensemble. Each audition applicant may specify employment or volunteer singing interest on the Audition Registration Form. All singers must demonstrate superior vocal and musical skills. Please note that staff positions are competitive and limited in all sections.

Level of Commitment

Pacific Chorale’s annual concert schedule typically includes 7-10 self-produced season performances and around 4-8 guest appearances with various ensembles. Performance opportunities are determined on a per-repertoire basis. Rosters for performances are developed according to singer audition results, the musical requirements of the repertoire and singer availability. If you are invited to sing a particular program, you have the option to accept or decline the opportunity.

Rosters for each engagement are announced in the Pacific Chorale singer newsletter. Singers are expected to commit to all rehearsals and performances of each repertoire in which they participate.

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals generally take place every Monday evening with occasional Saturdays from September through May. Rehearsals typically begin around September 1st and continue through the beginning of June. During the week or two prior to a concert, there may be several mandatory rehearsals. These rehearsals fall on weekdays, usually in the evenings. Rehearsal schedules for each concert are posted to Pacific Chorale’s online calendar. If you would like further information about our audition process, please call our office: (714) 662-2345 or email our Personnel Manager.

Pacific Chorale is a diverse, dedicated and enthusiastic group of singers, who create an acclaimed ensemble that graces world-class stages with some of our nation’s leading orchestras. Our repertoire is extensive and ranges from choral/orchestral masterworks to acapella treasures and world premiere compositions. We invite you to consider joining our family!